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Daily Nebraskan
Article: Emotional guitar works trump technical prowess
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speaking of DIY, here’s a guy who has taken it to the next level. The Limbs is a one-man band composed of vocalist, drummer and guitarist John Mazzucco. He plays and sings every part of his Tom Waits meets Bad Brains songs just as well as every other part. At the same time. Mazzucco plays guitar like an even more demonic Tony Iommi, and the great part is his entire style was developed around the complex, coordinated movements it takes to play a drum kit and a guitar simultaneously while singing. Watching him perform is like watching a tornado hit a volcano. It’s awesome as hell, and it will probably kill you. Mazzucco doesn’t care how well you can play “Stairway.” He is not afraid of you, and he will beat your ass.

-Casey Welsch

Denver Post: Reverb
Live show review: The Limbs, Burn Sand Burn @ 3 Kings Tavern
May 27, 2009

Saturday was my second Limbs show, and it mirrored the first in energy and talent. To call it a one-man-band, or a solo act, or blues or rock or funk or metal, is not enough. John Mazzucco — and his extremely talented appendages and voice — can rip through a few styles with ease. As soon as he tore into “Bad Anna,” something clicked in my head. Rhythms, lyrics, the sound of that freakin’ guitar, his voice tearing up the room — I immediately felt like someone had let the soundtrack in my head loose on the world... To say that I’ve been lucky to see some bands around town the last couple years that quantify and qualify the “Denver Sound” would be an understatement. But tonight, I again revisited my thoughts on where this thing is headed.

-Jason Claypool

Westword: Backbeat
Live show review: Th' Legendary Shackshakers, The Limbs @ Bender's Tavern
Tuesday, July 01, 2008

...armed with a guitar and a drum set up out of some demonic marching band, Mazzucco began the set with a crunch that never stopped. While relying on so little, Mazzucco somehow managed to sound like (and I know this will be hard to swallow) a mixture of Daniel Johnston and ZZ Top. Of course this kind of thing can easily break down into novelty, but Mazzucco held it together with a charm and presence... Finishing off his set, with the crowd clamoring for more, Mazzucco played a number that was so fierce that for a second I believed that Sabbath was a one man band...

-Jeremy Brashaw

One-man bands, unless incredibly well excecuted, can't help but come off as being schmaltzy sort of children's birthday party music. The Limbs, far from the norm, is a swampy, articulate one-man project whose music opens up a world of creepy mystery you'll only start to comprehend. It's like he channels some rustbelt ghost, wandering through the wreckage of a post apocalyptic zombie world.

-Josh Vanek, Wantage USA Records

If there ever was a band that just could not be missed, The Limbs is it. Hailing from Denver, CO, John plays guitar, harmonica and sings. Left Leg plays the snare. Right Leg is in charge of the kick drum. And on hi-hat, special guest star... Guitar Headstock. Oh, did I forget to mention that The Limbs are a one-man-band? Close your eyes when you hear them and you'll forget too. Better yet, keep them open and watch in amazement. And I don't mean that kitschy, gimmicky sort of amazement either. This music is an authentic amalgamation of blues, rock, pop, and a touch of metal overlaid with some growling vocals. So if you enjoy rock and an incredible stage show, this guy does it all - literally!

-Wendy Maltonic, TotalFest Organizer

If the Battle of Waterloo had been fought by wild apes on the deck of a burning ship it would still not match the unbridled spectacle of a L1MBS show. It is a singular tsunami of musical bedlam.

-Kent Shelton, Manager - Gothic Theatre

We've all seen 'one man bands' but this guy pulls off some death defying act with his delivery... He's got two kick bass that he operates with both 'limbs', and a high(hat) that he bashes the hell out of with the head of his guitar. Sounding like a full-blown, comebacktolife DOORS all over again, you could just swear he is going to blow a vocal chord, and he writes some of the trippiest tunes I've heard in some time. If you closed your eyes, you would swear there were at least 4 band members on stage...

-Carmen Allgood, Program Director - Rock On Colorado


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